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Befarmaeed Sham - Canada 01 - 02

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Published by Iman in Befarmaeed Sham

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  • Amir Ali Added Ajab. Zane dorogh go ( shady)
  • Nader Added Shadi. Talks too much ,,, empty inside. Stupid
  • Roja Sweden Added Mishe shoma makhsosan Shadi aval ba chago v changal khordano yad begiren ? Zabaneton pishkesh , chand mahe Canada hastin , farsi yadeton rafte :(((
  • Elahe Added Chendesh. Shadi
  • Mehran Added Big mouth
  • Saha Added You just came in Canada and you know everything about Canadian government ,, wow u must be super woman .
  • Shadi Added What a funny accent you have , embarrassing!!!!!
  • Amy Added Shame on you Shadi , you are going to people house with that red fabric, didn't you parents teach u that ?
  • Sonia Added Doroghgo , liar Peace of SH....T ( Shadi)
  • Fariba Added Ageh barandeh nimishod hamaton ra nabod mikard