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Merhamet 99 - END

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Published by Mehdi in Merhamet

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  • Panzoo Added man ke hanooz bavaram nimishe in dota mordan :/ akhe aslan mani nadasht mordaneshoon alan dige ... bad az iiiiiin hammeee episode, alan chera mordan ?? khoda kone season-e no bedan boon magarna vaghan serial-e besiaarr maskhareyi hast
  • rojina Added what a fuking turk movie
  • Farzaneh Added The writers of Turkish movies and serials,suffer from mental illness. I watched iffet which finished rubbish. This is the second one. I will not waste my time anymore. I recommend Korean serials, lovely stories and beautiful finish. You can see they come from a healthy background. Turks are really sick in the head.
  • NK Added Nevisandeh goh zad ba in ending
  • مریم Added من ده بیست قسمت از سریال رو ببینم میفهمم خوبه یا تو زرد از آب در میاد اینم بیست قسمت اول رودیدم و خدا قسمت کرد الان اخریش هم دیدم شک به یقیین پیوست و حدسم درست بوده.به قول دوستان نویسنده از اختلالات روانی و عدم تعادل روحی رنج میبرده که همچین داستانی رو خلق کرده الشفا برای نویسنده و کارگردان
  • Shiva Added Che maskhare yaniii chi asabam khord shode in hame beshininye filmo donbal koni bad shakhsiyate asli dastan bemire dastam be nevisande miresid midonestam bahash chikar konam
  • mehrdad Added khodayi che film tokhmi takhayoli boud heif ke vaghtemono bezarim vase in film
  • Maryam Added What a time wasting to follow this turkish crap and what an stupid ending
  • تارا Added سلام حتماً درفيلمهاي تركي بايد بميرند وفيلمو تمام كنند خيلي اعصاب خورد كنه
  • amir Added you can see this on youtube or